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Seein' Red on the Cover

The Albright Jeep Cover Shots (and a few Del covers).

Getting a cover shot is a big deal for a photographer. Getting you and/or your rig on the cover of a magazine is an huge accomplishment. I'm very proud of my eleven (11) year old 1997 TJ Wrangler (with 140,000 miles on it). It has done a lot of trails and can tell a lot of tales. :)

And truthfully, were it not for my partners and sponsors, ol' C UN RD (Seein' Red) would be parked, broken and wounded. The wonderful businesses and sponsors mentioned on my web site are my life-saving, help-me-save-trails, partners. I could not do what I'm doing without them. Thank you. Del

(Click any cover to see a larger image)

Sep. 2008 BRC Magazine

Low-RANGE Magazine Cover, Sep. 2008, Photo by Del -- the Albright Jeep, C UN RD.

Sierra Trek, BlueRibbon Magazine

Sierra Trek with Red on the Cover. Photo by Del Albright

TDS Desert Safari

Low-RANGE Magazine with Del in a borrowed Jeep at Desert Safari. Photo by Stacie Albright

Slick Rock Trail

Slick Rock Trail (road) in CA, BlueRibbon Magazine. Photo by Stacie Albright


Hump & Bump

Hump & Bump (Vegas Valley 4Wheelers), BlueRibbon Magazine. Photo by Stacie Albright.

Arches National Park

Arches National Park, BlueRibbon Magazine. Photo by Stacie Albright

Album Cover, Strings & Ivory

Yea, it's a cover shot of Del's first country music CD

Surveyor Magazine

Cover (2nd Jeep) of Surveyor Magazine when we were satellite surveying the Rubicon Trail.

Western Outdoor News

Del on cover of Western Outdoor News hunting pheasants. Photo by Rick E. Martin

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