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Access and Land Use
It's all about access to our lands...
If you're looking for help with Route Designation in CA, please check out this web site.


Del Albright

Access to public lands is part of the foundation of our freedom in America. Responsible access and land use issues are political roads that as an Access Ambassador I can help you navigate and get involved with. Use menu above or see more options below.

More here. Visit Stacie Albright's Website for more as well.

Del speaks out on U-Tube about our public lands and what to do

Public lands access is critical to our well being. The anti-access folks advocate more wilderness through efforts like The Wildlands Project and Wilderness bills in Congress. Understanding how this all fits together and what it means to you, is the first step in making a difference in how your public lands are managed

Be part of the nationwide SEMA network to stay informed and help protect our access. Click here

First, you should read this summary of NEPA

Please select from the following options:
Start a Club; Start and keep your club healthy.
Wilderness: There's room for Wilderness; just not in our back yard.
Politics: We don't like them; but some of us have to do it.
Running Meetings: One of our big drawbacks to organized clubs.
What clubs/groups should I join?; Don't let a few personalities ruin your choice.
Partnership Empowerment Program.
Leadership Training: Offered right here; online.
Endangered Species Act; ESA simplified and how it stunts our country's growth used improperly.
Wildfire: How it affects our trails and roads.
RS 2477; Easements, right of ways, access.

Roadless (OHV) Rule: Forest Planning; Roadless; and Clinton-Gore.


Links: Helpful links, shortcuts and ideas on where to get more landuse and access information.
Hot Topics/Alerts: What's new on this site and what's hot?

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