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How Do I Get Involved in Access and Land Use Issues?

Getting involved in land use planning and access to public lands is critical to keeping our trails open. It's not that difficult or time consuming. Bureaucracy is not hard to deal with once you understand the basics of their role in land use and access. The payback will be more open trails for you and your children. Without our involvement in public lands and access issues, the special interest anti-access folks will shut us out of public lands.

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The simplest thing you can do is:

The Simple Formula

Get folks to join organized recreation; be an advocate for your sport; include others in what you do; write hand written letters to your elected officials and tell them what you believe in and expect of them; work on educating other users so they don't abuse our public lands; and donate to causes you believe in. More here in Join, Advocate, Inculde others and Letters (JAIL).

Below is a large menu to choose from on landuse and access involvement.

Del speaks out on U-Tube about our public lands and what to do

Make sure you understand the basics of NEPA

More Access and Land Use Menu
Access Land Use in general
Anti-Access Groups About the Anti-access Folks
Bureaucracy Dealing with Bureaucracy
Burnout Avoid Volunteer Burnout!
Calif. Assoc. of 4WD Clubs Join Your State Association -- first step!
Clubs Start a Club
Facilitating Learn to Facilitate Meetings
Grant Money Grant Money for Your Trail
Land Use Details on Getting Involved
Leadership Get Leadership Training and/or Help
Letter Writing Tips How to Write Letters on Access
Meetings How to Run a Better Meeting
Membership Building Membership
NEPA What is public invovlement & Scoping under NEPA?
OHV Parks Start a Private OHV Park
Personalities in Clubs Do Personalities Rule Your Recreation?
Politics Understanding Politics
RTP Grant Money Recreational Trails Program
Roadless Rule OHV and Roadless Rule
Time Management Managing Your Monkeys
Training Leadership Correspondence Course (RLTC)
Volunteers Supervising Volunteers and Organizing Events
Workshops Where Can I Get Help?

See About Starting Your Own OHV Park

Be part of the nationwide SEMA network to stay informed and help protect our access. Click here

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