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Here is where you'll learn about building a new club or group or just building membership to your existing group. On behalf of the BlueRibbon Coalition, I encourage you to pursue these links that will give you the tools you need to get started. Getting organized is the key to keeping public land use and access high on our list of options. So if you need to know all about clubs, come on in.

How do I build membership in my club now?

How do I start a new club or group?

How do I avoid burning out my volunteers?

Empowering Leadership™, the new article series for leadership development, by Del Albright -- helping to lead volunteers to victory!

There are two great places to get help starting a club (or a Friends type group). There may be more sources, but these two I checked out and know for sure are helpful:

Go here and ask for the Free Club Stater Kit (

Go here and cruise the info about incorporating clubs (

American Motorcycle Association Booklets on starting clubs and getting involved.

National Off Highway Vehicle Conservation Council books, displays, and field visits.

What about leadership in the recreation world?

How do I teach people to get involved in land use and access?

What about dealing with bureaucracy and bureaucrats?

What organizations should I join?

More HELP for Clubs here
Being the Lead Goose or Head Horse -- Leadership Help & Tips


Get Involved with Politicians

What Can I Do How To Influence Politicians?

See About Starting Your Own OHV Park

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