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Campfire and Fun Songs here.

Simply Ivory:

A collection of piano favorites, recorded by me, including 7 original piano compositions. 22 songs total, from the 1960's to recent movie themes. Relaxing mood music for the most part, with a little rock and roll thrown in for good times.

Strings & Ivory

I wrote, sang and produced the 14 original (country type) songs on this CD, recorded in Bill Rase Studios, Sacramento. Each song required 8 tracks for me to perform all the instruments, as well as the vocals and harmony. It was a blast! But what a lot of work.

This CD represents a lot of campfire times; good and bad. It tells of more than just my life, for sure. Many people's lives are referenced here but they don't know it. :)

We have linked a couple of short music clips from my CD, Strings& Ivory. These files will require Real Player

The songs are available in two different speeds, so pick the speed closest to your modem speed.

Off Road and Fun Songs/Music by Del

Just Piano from Rubicon Springs -- Del banging the ivories

Only In My Dreams; Piano Only -- by Del, from Simply Ivory Album

On The Trail Again (music from Willie Nelson's On The Road Again)

Ocotillo By Morning (music from George Strait, Amarillo By Morning)

The Jeep Song by Del (original words, music from Charlie Price, Kiss An Angel Good Morning)

Wheelin' Heaven Blues (original words; music from Johnny Cash, Folsom Prison Blues)


Cowboy & Off Road Poetry

(coming soon)

I've played music all my life, starting at age 7 with accordian lessons. I recommend playing an instrument to anyone; and it's never too late to start. I've played piano bars a lot, many times on the spur of the moment; mostly just for fun. But I guess my favorite form of music is campfire songs. There's nothing like a bunch of friends and family around the fire at night.

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