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Resource Education Network (REN)


1997, California. Fueled by closures like the 1994 Desert Protection Act (8 million acres of CA), and the loss of access by all types of outdoor sports, a small group was formed to orchestrate a better future for CA outdoors -- the Resource Education Network, facilitated by Del Albright, CA4WDC and others.

REN formed to provide education to the public and elected officials in CA about outdoor recreation needs and opportunities. Communication (education) was a primary goal, with pro-active planning and action as the outcomes.

Original founding member groups included: 4wheel drive, quail hunters, archers, atv riders,, dirt bikers, hunters, and tourism directors. Some founding members included: Del Albright, Don Amador, Ron Schiller, Karen Ward, J.Rod McGinnis, Mike Ahrens, Dave Marx, Dick Haldeman, Liz Arnold, Wayne Roupe and Pat Davidson.

Named groups included: CA4WDC, BlueRibbon Coalition, Calif. Wildlife Federation, Land Use Network, Safari Club International, People for the West, Calif. Forestry Assoc., Mammoth Town Council, AMA Dist. 37, Quail Unlimited, Tri-County Houndsmen, United Anglers, Calif. Bowmen Hunters, Chambers of Commerce, Eastern High Sierra Packers Assoc., Mammoth Lakes Snowmobile Assoc., High Desert Multiple Use Coalition, American Rights Coalition, Calif. Outdoor Enthusiast Coalition, and the Calif. Sportsmen's Lobby.

REN included the original SAMS Coalition -- Sierra Nevada Access, Multiple-Use & Stewardship Coalition based in Lakeshore, CA, with dozens of member groups in their ranks.

By 1999 REN transitioned to dealing solely with the Sierra Nevada Framework, Forest Planning process that resulted in the 2004 Sierra Nevada Forest Plan Amendment.

Landuse History

Multiple Use (Landuse) Coordination Historical Notes (primarily California)
1994 First national landuse email and internet group
1996 National Multiple Use motorized group
1997 CA first multiple use group
1997 CA first multiple use workshop
1997 Land Use Network (LUN) campaign
1999 CA Forest Plan Amendment efforts (from REN)
2003 CA recreational leaders in all aspects of backcountry use

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