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Rubicon Trail: FOTR Work Weekend August 14-15, 2004 (Miller Creek)

In the flood of 1997, Miller Creek, which runs along the base of Cadillac Hill, over ran its banks and created several new channels. Swamps and mud puddles resulted from the backed up water. Deep holes ended up in several places along the Rubicon Trail. The possibility of resource damage and water quality deterioration meant we had to do something to fix the problem.

FOTR stepped up and did just that. We unplugged the flood debris jam from Miller Creek. We closed off the major new channels; and we closed the swampy section of the trail while creating a more stable, new bypass nearby. Here's the story.

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MTA folks make up the loading crew in this image. Rocks were loaded by hand to fill about 30 trailers full of fill rock for the new bypass around the swamp area.

A Pett toilet was set up on the work site for the crew (as always).

Once the trailers were loaded with river rock, they were hauled to the new bypass area where our dump crew had to unload them.  It was an all day job.

The flood of 1997 forced Miller Creek out of its banks, causing erosion and wash outs like this tree with its roots exposed. The rocks you see are the ones we moved there.

The new bypass ramp area from the flood zone on to more stable forest ground.

Scott Johnston (red shirt, holding the bag), our OPS Chief, hands out some Red Bull during lunch to engergize the crew. It was a fabulous day -- but hard work.

"Bear" catches Del on piano, entertaining the troops NOTE: this is about a 9 meg mpeg file from Ryan Langis, "Bear". I recommend if you want to see/hear it, you RIGHT CLICK on the link above, then SAVE TARGET AS (del on piano), and put it in your MY DOCUMENTS where you can find it. Then OPEN the file and your media player should both show and play it.


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