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Elko, NV, Fall Colors Trip 2004

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These old aspen trees show signs of ancient carvings in the bark. Early day Basque sheep herders many times left their do some modern day vandals.

Another display of was in every canyon we visited....and trust me, there re plenty of canyons to keep you busy for a long time.

The Hastings Cutoff is a route used by the Donner Party. The canyon was spotted by colors like these.

In the 1950's, someboby probably raised their family by owning this gas station. Long since closed, it's a great place to practice your photography of "found" objects and unique antiques.

Running out of landscapes and beautiful scenery, these two photographers (actually buddies of mine), found the best place in town for gas (photos).

Anyone born and bred in Elko is a buckaroo, not a cowboy....and here two such critters round up some four-legged critters.

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