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Del's 1997 TJ Wrangler, fully trail rigged.


If you're looking to add an air system to your rig, I highly recommend the Power Tank by Advanced Air Systems. Steve Sasaki, owner, is a good friend of mine. I use the Power Tank and love it.

It's CO2 and it fills a lot of tires. Runs air tools too. In fact, you can set a tire back on the rim (bead) with this puppy. I've tried nearly all other systems, including a converted air conditioner pump system that I designed my self. But in all honesty, the Power Tank is truly a slick way to go.

The portability of this system has saved me a few waits on the trail too. I was able to take the air to the problem. It works great. Besides that, Steve is a great guy to deal with. He believes in our land use and access work and is a good partner of recreation. He'll take care of you after the sale too.

The under hood compressors are good, there's no doubt (if you get a good one). However, it takes up room; uses power; and sometimes needs quite a bit of maintenance.  These systems are not portable either.

The 12volt systems are usually less effective than compressor driven (belt) type pumps. I have noticed some improvements lately from folks (like Quick Air). Neither the belt driven or the 12 volt compare to having 30 or 40 tires worth of portable air from the Power Tank though.


Steve Sasaki
Advanced Air Systems
2214 Babson Drive
Elk Grove, CA 95758

Ph. (916) 691-6806
Fax (916) 691-6809

Advanced Air Systems

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