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The first thing to know about buying products or building up your rig is to BUY from folks who support keeping our trails open.  It's that simple. If you want to do your part in this effort, then buy from the vendors, dealers and manufacturers who donate to raffles, belong to our organizations and sponsor efforts like Friends of the Rubicon (FOTR) and others.


There are several good tire brands and makes available to us. Many tire companies support our landuse efforts, but make sure before you buy. I use BFG's on my TJ. BFGoodrich tires are some of the best you can buy for both on and off trail. I've used AT's and Mud Terrains (MT's). They both served me well, for about any application you can imagine. Besides that, BFG shows up at our shows and events, donates to our raffles, and they are helping us keep our trails open.

I have used 33 x 12x50 AT's for street stuff and SUV runs, as well as places like Moab, Utah.  I use my 35 12x50 MT's KM2's for wild rides like the Rubicon Trail. The well-built, 3-ply sidewall of BFG tires will hold the rim well, even at very low pressures.

Again, you have some great choices for tires, but just be confident that you are buying from a business that supports keeping our trails open and our sport alive, whether through memberships to organizations or donations to raffles and such.

Visit the BFGoodrich tires home page here


Lots of options for buying great off-road shocks on the market today. I have used Old Man Emu, Edlebrock and Monroe's on my rigs, but right now I am using Rubicon Express dual remote reservoir shocks that really make my TJ an off-road dream to drive. Adjustable shocks like the Rancho 9000's have a lot of appeal to multi-use folks. Do your homework and if you can, ride in a rig with the shocks you are thinking of buying before you buy. Test the ride; test the handling; decide then if you have found the right shocks for your build up.

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Del's Jeep with the BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A tires.....33" 12x50


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