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Del's lab Mike could not get up Lion's Back in Moab.

Del did.

Del Albright's lab Mike watches Del climb Lion's Back in Moab

(NOTE: ARB is one of my sponsors of my efforts as a BlueRibbon Ambassador working on the Recreational Trails Program nationwide. I been running ARB's for years, front and rear. I love 'em! Del).

ARB Air Lockers:
For me, the ARB air locking differential is a great way to go! My TJ plays on the pavement as well as off highway. I like the ability to turn the lockers off and have a highway set up (no chirping, etc.). My ARB's are reliable, functional and simple to use. The ARB folks are great to work with and take care of business. I fully endorse ARB Air Lockers. Write me if you want to kick around the advantages of one system over the other. However, for the average wheeler who's trying to decide between full time and part time (air) lockers, I say go ARB because you don't need lockers on asphalt. Oh, and yes, ARBs are not cheap; but it's worth the investment to have the right choices.

If money is a real limitation, get a limited slip in your rig. Get it from the factory when you order your rig if you can. But remember, with limited slip, you've got to have tires turning to make the slip limiter work. And when you have tires turning, you've got the gas pedal down. With the gas pedal down, you've increased your chances of breakage significantly. BIG TIME. With Air Lockers, you just let it walk and it's locked. Nothing to break if you're smart about your right foot.

If you're rig is strictly hardcore rock crawling, then the full time, pavement chirping lockers (Detroit, Powertrax, etc.) are an option many guys take. Just don't expect Mom to drive it to the grocery store. Tire chirping when cornering and difficult front end steering is the price you'll pay on pavement. And quite frankly, I've done very well as have others in hard core crawling with ARB's. In fact, I'm seeing more ARB's on competition rock crawling rigs. So it's up to you and how else you use your rig.

If you're thinking about changing gears while you're locking up your rig, then READ THIS FIRST. Please.

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