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Heritage Sites -- CA4WDC Official Comments (CA)
February 2005

Official Comments of the California Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs (excerpt) on the proposed OHV Programmatic Agreement.  Prepared by John Stewart, Natural Resources Consultant, CA4WDC.

We recognized the positive health and social benefits that can be achieved through outdoor activities.  We also recognize that motorized recreation provides the small business owners in the local communities a significant financial stimulus.  Our members are directly affected by management decisions concerning public land use.

The CA4WDC members subscribe to the concepts of: 1) public access to public lands for their children and grandchildren; 2) concern for condition and safety of the environment; and 3) sharing our natural heritage.  The general public desires access to public lands now and for future generations.  Limiting access today deprives our children the opportunity to view the many natural wonders of public lands.  The general public is deeply concerned about the condition of the environment and personal safety. 

They desire wildlife available for viewing and scenic vistas to enjoy.  They also want to feel safe while enjoying the natural wonders.  Lastly, the public desires to share the natural heritage with friends and family today as well as in the future.  How can our children learn and appreciate our natural heritage when native species are allowed to deteriorate and historic routes are routinely blocked or eradicated from existence?  With these guidelines, the below comments were developed.

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