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Tuffy Steps Up to Help Del Stay in the Fight for Access!

Tuffy Security Products saw the need to support me and poor old Red (my 1997 TJ that has clocked over 100,000 miles fighting to keep trails and riding areas open). They generously donated a rear security box, riser kit and dividers, to set me up with an awesome system for keeping my trail gear organized and secure. Installation was easy and right on with the directions. The construction of Tuffy Security Products is solid and secure. It will do a great job for me.

The Tuffy Security Products Rear Security Compartment with oversize drawer holds all my important gear -- securely and safely. Great product!
The Tuffy box went right in Red, was easily anchored, and holds my stuff quite nicely. I'm impressed with the quality and durability also. Del

Jeff Fox of Tuffy Security Products, had the whole she-bang delievered to my door as a donation to my work with the BlueRibbon Coalition and the other groups I support and belong to. My hat is off to Tuffy. What a great product! What an awesome company. Thank you Jeff and Tuffy!

Visit the Tuffy Security Products Home Page

Tuffy Security Products is a proud member of ORBA and has my full endorsement and support. Del

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