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Rubicon Volunteer Appreciation Day
September 12, 2004, Rubicon Trail

On Sunday, September 12, 2004, Eldorado County, and the Rubicon Oversight Committee (ROC) held a Volunteer Appreciation Day for everyone who has worked on or cared about the Rubicon Trail. Over 100 folks turned out on a beautiful Sunday in the mountains, to enjoy a nice lunch and some speechifying. It was fun and the volunteers sincerely appreciated being appreciated. Nearly 50 certificates of appreciation were handed out by Jack Sweeney, representing the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors.

The day had a special ceremony also. We presented the memorial plaque to Kendra Brown, widow of Lt. Bill Brown of the Eldorado County Sheriff's office. Bill was the impetus that launched the OHV Patrol for the Rubicon Trail. He loved the mountains and the Rubicon, and will forever be remembered on our trail. A bronze plaque will be embedded in rock near the kiosk at Loon Lake. See photo essay.

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Lunch was provided by Jeepers Jamboree, Richie Mainwaring, and was prepared by Ice House Resort.  Over 100 folks ate!

Dennis Cullen (L), LEO USFS, speaks of the great efforts by FOTR to Rich Platt, Pacific District Resource Officer, USFS.

The Quad Squad was there in to pay their respects to Lt. Bill Brown.  Here they are in gatekeeper (Photo by "Bear")

Jack Sweeney (here in his Jeep in Gatekeeper), Eldo Co. Board of Supervisors, was the MC and impetus for the entire Appreciation Day. (Photo by "Bear")

The Rubicon Trail Patrol Cherokee was out showing it's stuff during the morning rides. (Photo by "Bear")

The morning began with rides on the slabs and through Gatekeeper, provided by FOTR and many clubs/drivers who showed up to help. Kendra was given a special tour, along with her children, Kallie and Bo. It was an awesome day.

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