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Trail sanitation is one of our biggest issues we face today on many trails, including the famous Rubicon. We have to start thinking of sanitation like we think of trash -- we cannot leave it behind.

Portable toilets are the answer for pack it out. There are a variety of products. More here.

The Pett; a portable toilet system, including privacy tent and enzyme filled bags, that is landfill safe for disposal after use.

Check these sites for deals and Rubicon Trail supporting vendors: and

Go straight to more info on The Pett products and system.

The Outback Pack; a card board toilet with bags (no enzymes), that folds up nicely for easy transport and storage. This system is practical (and inexpensive) to use, especially when combined with ThePett enzymes wag bags (rather than just the plastic bags that come with the Outback Pack.  I've used one, and yes, it'll handle a 210 pound man;

Visit the Outback Pack web site (

Marine (boat) and RV toilets; like you'd find at Walmart or in catalogs such as Cabela's, that are real toilets filled with water and toilet chemicals (like the RV blue stuff);

Rub-a-Cans; ammo cans fitted with a lid and a bag (home made); see photo of award wining Rub-a-can from the WineCountry Four Wheelers. See commercial version of a rubi-can here.

And here's a Lugableloo from RubiconTrail.Com, our partner, that is sturdy and cheap. This lid is well made and will handle some weight.

Bumper Dumper; a toilet seat that fits into your tow hitch;

5 gallon buckets with a lid; home made solution that takes up a lot of room, but works for some folks.

Here's a simple little camp stool (foldable) unit that IF combined with ThePett Wag Bags could be a real option for some of us.

I am recommending that clubs seriously consider getting one or more of these solutions to pack it out. I have tried the Outback Pack and The Pett. They both work. The cardboard Outback Pack is simple and cheap. But I don't recommend their bags unless you have a disposal ability.  If you plan to use a land fill or dumpster, then get the Wag Bags from The Pett system and combine them with the Outback Pack toilet. I love ThePett toilet system as a package. I have used it on several four wheel drive and hunting trips. It WORKS and it's simple to use.   Yes, it's expensive, but it has proven itself for me.

Best part is that ThePett is land fill safe for disposal of the bags after you're done. I put the used bags in an ammo can (or Rubbermaid type container) for transport home and to the landfill.

The privacy tent has proven to be a great addition and worth the extra bucks.

You can get multiple uses out of one bag. There are tricks to this system, like about anything else. But I love it. It folds up into a neat package and fits nicely in my jeep or jeep trailer.  It even comes with a back pack if you want it. I like the back pack as it keeps everything all together in one package. It also makes for easy storage in my garage.

The Pett system is not cheap, but it is well made and properly engineered for trail use. I recommend that clubs chip in and buy one or two for the club. You can spread the cost around that way. My club bought one. We're testing the heck out of it. I believe it is a great answer to a spreading problem that will help keep our trails open and under less scrutiny. See The Pett and learn more.

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