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Sign Me Up for Friends of the Rubicon (FOTR)

September 6th, 2003 (Kiosk)- See Photos

AUGUST 16-17, 2003

AND ROC VIP TOUR AUG. 14, Thursday

1. ROC Tour & Meeting: the Thursday before, Aug. 14, will be ROC meeting and tour on the trail. We're going to look at Gatekeeper to determine what FOTR might do at this spot as far as projects.

2. SIGN UP & Organization: if you plan to make this weekend, and have not yet let me know, please drop me an email to sign up. Let me know your arrival time and preferred camping spot, also.


Incident Commander: Del Albright

Operations Chief: Rusty Folena

Information and Logistics Chief: Mike Pulskamp

Concrete Team Leader: Mike Overmeyer

Signs Team Leader: Scott Johnson

Placer Team Leader: Doug Barr (see below)

Commo Team Leader: Bruce Bonar

Water Haul Crew Leader: To Be Announced

Anchor Crew Leader: Matt Thresher

Rock Crew Leader: Mark Langford

Mud Mixin' Crew Leader: To Be Announced.


To conduct a worthwhile and productive project.
To not waste anyone's time.
To give volunteer workers a sense of accomplishment.
Keep the Rubicon Trail alive, well, and open.
Provide clear communications to everyone in the project.
To keep safety as our number one priority.
To finish the Little Sluice Bypass and trail signing as our top priorities.
To set the example on how to organize a work party and get the most bang for our buck in one weekend.
To have fun while working on the most famous trail in the world!

3. CAMPING/HQ; My Command Post (HQ) will be Ellis Creek Campground. The concrete crew will be camped mostly at Spider Lake. Some folks will be camped at Loon Lake. The Commo Team Leader, Bruce Bonar, will be located at Ellis Creek with me.


Placer Team Leader: Doug Barr

NOTE: As of 8/1/03, we've put this Placer side project on hold
(post poned) as we want to get the Bypass done first, with most of our workers. But if this is your only option for helping out, then email Doug.  Otherwise, sign up for the bypass or signing project.

Mission: need to do some minor fixits on the McKinney road section in Placer Co. also. Clean out seriously plugged sediment traps; rearrange some of the rocks in the rolling dips, and repair (make more permanent) the flag/stag markers and waterbar numbering system. This team will work their way to Spider Lake to help with the Little Sluice bypass.

Volunteer to help on the Placer side, email Doug.


Signs Team Leader: Scott Johnson (Cruzila).

Mission: to install new signs all along the Ellis Creek OHV Trail access to the Rubicon Trail, from Loon Lake to Ellis Creek; then along the Rubicon Trail from Ellis Creek to Spider Lake. Signs must be placed out of normal reach, nailed to trees with special aluminum nails, and intervisible in both directions.

Ladders will be necessary to get signs high up off the ground. Aluminum nails will prevent tree damage. Nails will be long enough to allow the tree bark to expand without bursting the sign in a few years. Some signs will be placed in the granite, on the ground, with concrete nails and pre-drilled holes to see if the signs will hold up to the weather and traffic.

Volunteer to help with the signs, email Scott.

6. Little Sluice Bypass:

Concrete Team Leader: Mike Overmeyer.

Mission: to construct a concrete ramp type bypass around Little Sluice that modified stock vehicles can use to get around the 'box.' The ramp must blend into the natural surroundings and be anchored well enough that vehicles will not roll in this section of the trail, which will still be part of the county right of way and historical trail access.

Mark Smith is donating the concrete for us to build the Little Sluice bypass. Thanks Mark. This will be a pretty big job. It will be there Thursday night. A sleep-over guard will be with the concrete all night Thursday and all day Friday.

Volunteer to help with the concrete work, email Rusty.


This project will be mostly moving rocks into the bypass area, hand work, wheelbarrows, and concrete work, turning 'Oil Slick Hill' into a useable bypass for modified stock vehicles. Hauling water will be necessary from Spider. Brick layers, rock workers, concrete guys are most welcome on this project. :)

(These images show the bypass area we'll be working on to make it more passable for moderately modified rigs)

Mike Overmeyer is the Concrete Team Leader. We will haul water from Spider to the top of the bypass where we can feed it thru garden hoses to wheelbarrow/mud-mixing crews along the bypass.

Anchor Crews will already be putting rebar and anchor points in the rocks to hold the concrete. Rock Crews will be man-handling rocks to fill in the wet concrete. Grout sponges will give the wet concrete a finished but natural look. Color may be added to the concrete as needed to obtain a blended in appearance.


If you can bring these items, email Rusty Folena and let him know.

2 ea. jeep type trailers to haul the water drums around.

Gloves (all workers bring gloves)

Grout sponges (for feathering and ruffing the concrete appearance).

2x6 pour boards (concrete form making material; junk wood) -- dozen or so, 4 footers.

If you can bring these items (or can get them to someone), please email Rusty Folena, the Operations Chief.

7. Wentworth: depending on how this section looks from the main road to Wentworth campground, we may need to do some trail work (rock paving or whatever) so we can get a potty pump truck to the campground. We need to get the potty pumped. I'm rounding up grant money to pay for the pumping. Dana Holland and his crew have been working on this section a lot, so we may be fine. I'll know more during the ROC tour on the 14th.


Commo Team Leader: Bruce Bonar

Mission: To provide HAMM (and some CB) communications throughout the western section of the trail, from Spider Lake to Ellis Creek and onto Loon Lake if possible.

The HAMM network will be our safety link to emergency service providers in the event of an accident or injury. They will also allow communications between the Team Leaders and the Incident Commander. We will hopefully have not only HAMM, but some CB and possibly FRS to ensure we have the project well covered.

Volunteer to help where ever you're needed,
email Rusty.

We may have more work before the actual weekend, but this will keep us really busy. It should be fun.

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